The National Alliance for Public Affairs Networks’ mission is to foster, encourage and support the development of independent State Civic Networks in all 50 states. We view this as a first step in addressing a distrusting, disengaged and apathetic public. State Civic Networks are specifically designed to empower and encourage citizens toward becoming more informed, engaged participants in our democratic process, thus assuring a vibrant and transparent democracy in America.

Concern about a disengaged and apathetic public created NAPAN, a nonprofit organization that believes the general public deserves, needs and merits unfiltered coverage of and access to the three branches of government in all 50 states. Through the creation of civic networks in each state, nonprofit institutions can provide video broadcasts from all three branches of government and tools to allow citizens, journalists, bloggers, advocacy groups, policymakers and others direct access to information about legislation, votes, and government activities and decisions. These networks take advantage of new technologies and fill the void left behind by the decline in news media coverage. With increasing broadband accessibility growing across the nation, the timing is right to launch a national campaign to create these networks.

The National Alliance for Public Affairs Networks (NAPAN) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation with the mission to foster, encourage and support the development of independent State Civic Networks in all 50 states.

NAPAN was founded in 2005 as a forum for the country’s State Public Affairs Networks to share best practices and discuss the unique demands of our industry. Over time, NAPAN’s leadership saw an opportunity to address the challenges, both in starting new networks and maintaining the vibrancy of the existing ones, on a national scale. In 2013, the Association was reconstituted as the National Alliance, to continue the work of bringing State Civic Networks to all 50 states.

NAPAN’s goals are to:

  • Raise the nation’s civic health by providing citizens more digital access to state government activities and making the government process more transparent, by providing citizens with tools of engagement. These include digital archives of legislative meetings, legal proceedings, executive branch agency activities, press conferences, public policy discussions and debates, the electoral process and other events and forums that shape public policy and state government’s role in our society.
  • Create a National Civics Trust Fund to provide states with critical resources and work plans to facilitate the operations of full-time civic digital networks in every state.

NAPAN Board of Directors

  • Paul Giguere, CT-N, Connecticut Network
  • Patrick Keating, The Florida Channel
  • Bill Legere, Gavel-to-Gavel Alaska
  • Brian Lockman, Pennsylvania Cable Network
  • Dan Shellenbarger, Ohio Channel
  • Greg Lane, TVW, Washington State
  • Tom Posey, South Carolina Channel