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State Public Affairs Networks are defined as programming services that provide gavel-to-gavel coverage of state government and public policy events but are not necessarily tied to any one method of distribution to the public.


Basic Cable Distribution:

Many fulltime networks, such as CT-N in Connecticut, PCN in Pennsylvania and TVW in Washington are available primarily on dedicated basic tier or expanded basic tier cable television channels in their respective states. Some networks, such as MGTV in Michigan and The California Channel are available on a part-time basis, while others in states such as Hawaii and Illinois rely on donated time on PEG access channels.


Digital Cable Distribution:

Some state networks, such as WisconsinEye and the Arizona Channel have negotiated carriage on the digital tier of cable systems in their state.


PBS Broadcast Television:

Several fulltime networks, such as the Florida Channel and Gavel-to-Gavel Alaska are available fulltime on non-commercial PBS digital broadcast channels. Other networks operating in states such as Minnesota and Ohio provide their programming to local PBS stations for airing on their channels.


Direct-to-Home Satellite (such as DirectTV)

Currently, the only state network with accessibility via direct-to-home satellite is Alaska.


Web-Streams and On-Demand

Most state networks offer a robust website with multiple web-streams of live and tape-delayed programming as well as on-demand access to archives of meetings, hearings and public policy events.  As technology continues to evolve, many state networks have added the functionality of RSS feeds and Podcasts.


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